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21 November 2018

In memory of nature

"The myth of progress is founded on the myth of nature. The first tells us that we are destined for greatness; the second tells us that greatness is cost-free. Each is intimately bound up with the other. Both tell us that we are apart from the world; that we began grunting in the primeval swamps, as a humble part of something called ‘nature’, which we have now triumphantly subdued. The very fact that we have a word for ‘nature’ is evidence that we do not regard ourselves as part of it. Indeed, our separation from it is a myth integral to the triumph of our civilisation. We are, we tell ourselves, the only species ever to have attacked nature and won. In this, our unique glory is contained."

04 September 2018

Note to self: explore!

Last week, I literally stumbled across this marvelously lush shrub forest. And it was even in an area I've been to many times. All that was needed was to walk a little further down a narrow path that I've always thought ended in a mud hole (which it didn't) and take a few steps out of the path and into the bushes.

How many places like these have I passed by, in full conviction that I knew the area like the back of my hand? Which I obviously don't always do--as this clearly shows!

13 August 2018

The backyard

In the backyard where I work there's an abandoned storage shed. Or workshop? I'm not sure... The color and structure on the concrete walls, together with the blue doors, caught my eye one day. I took a mental note of it but wanted to wait for the right light before I'd make any photos. And one day in July of this summer the light was there.